Barcelona Rondo: Angled Passing and Moving in 4s

The following is an excerpt from Developing Players with Rondos Using the Soccer Awareness Philosophy and a preview of Barcelona Rondo: Angled Passing and Moving in 4s in Best of Amplified Soccer Training Volume 1.

This is a very simple but effective angled passing and moving drill teaching speed of play; accuracy of passing and angles of support.

The Secret: Each player is assessing options ahead of their involvement, not during or worse still, after.

This is a grounding to prepare the thinking process in players in a very simple but effective way. The real test is when they get to ONE TOUCH passing and moving

Coaching Points:

  • Angle of support (Movement off the ball to receive)
  • Footwork and body position
  • Communication
  • Technique: Quality of pass
  • Decision making Skill Factor (“Look” over the shoulder to see where the support player is behind)
  • Change of direction of play

Rotate players. 

Start with unlimited touches, then two touches then work it down to one touch for everyone.


  1. Have players look TWICE as the situation may have changed after the first look.
  2. Add a goal and a keeper where player (4) is to make it a finishing session.

Barcelona Rondo: Having Two Looks

barcelona rondo

(1) Passes to (2) who passes back. (3) moves off the ball to one cone and an angle and (1) passes to (3). Now (2) must “look over their shoulder” to see where (3) is. Now encourage (2) to look TWICE  because (3) may have had to change in the meantime and after the first look. Example (3) moves to left but becomes marked; so goes right to get free. This can happen in an instant so if time ALLOWS, 2 looks is better than 1.

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