Awareness Changeover Session

The following session comes from the Soccer Awareness Training Center.

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Awareness one.png

Inside team players have a ball each now and have to look to find a free outside team player and pass to them. The outside player brings the ball back in, the inside player moves outside the zone waiting to receive a pass from someone else.

Set up the second touch with a good first touch. Awareness of whom is free to pass to. Each team play inside for 2 minutes making as many give and go’s with the outside players as possible.

Progression: Each time they pass it to outside players they have to receive it back and turn and find another player to pass to. This ensures lots of situations where they have to receive and turn to practice the skill.

Coaching Points:

  1. Quality first touch of outside player.

  2. Decision making of inside player in terms of when and where to pass and technique (quality) of pass.

The Coach can create conditions:

  1. Get a turn in or dribble before passing.

  2. All in (many) touches, 3 then 2 touches.

  3. Play 1- 2 with inside player then go outside.

  4. Do a crossover with outside player rather than make a pass.

  5. Inside player passes to outside player and closes down quickly simulating a defensive movement, the receiver has to make a good first touch away from the pressure i.e. to either side of the pressuring player.

It’s a good session because everyone is working but they get short intermittent rests, so maintaining quality.

Competitive: Have each player count the number of successful passes they make in a given time and see who makes the most.

A Game Situation

awareness game.png

Numbers team can only pass to numbered players on the outside. Letters teams the same only passing to lettered players on the outside.

Progression One: Play one v ones in the middle. Have it passive to begin the defending players shadow the attacking players as they receive and turn and move.

Make it competitive. A lot of receiving and turning under pressure can occur now in the playing area.

Progression Two: Have a 3 v 3 small sided game in the middle.

Rotate the players.

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