A Quick Pressing Game

The following drill is part of Soccer Awareness eBook: Tactical Thoughts on the Development of the 4 v 4, 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 Game Sizes

This eBook shows how these different size games can be taught and also shows different systems of play that might be useful to you. Run with them as you may and of course come up with your own solutions too as that is what coaching is all about. I have introduced the use of RONDOS to initially aid the development of players for the game situation.

The idea I am trying to cultivate is to find a pattern of development that goes from 4 v 4 to 7 v 7 all the way through 9 v 9 to 11 v 11 that educates the players VERY EARLY on how to ultimately play the 11 v 11, a common thread running right through the book.  Click Here to Preview The Book

This book can also be found as part of the Elite Soccer Awareness Training Center Plan

quick pressing game.png

This game is an excellent example of how a small change to the structure of a standard game changes the game to allow a specific skill or topic you want to work on. You don’t need to say anything; the explanation is in the game.


  • Age Group U10s to adults

  • Pitch sizes 30/40 x 20– or at the discretion of the coach

  • Number of teams – 2

  • Team sizes 4-6 players

  • Bibs optional

  • Goals – full size adult goals or made with cones


This is a standard small sided game but with big goals and no keepers. Players can score from anywhere on the pitch. It is very easy to score a goal in this game, so players quickly understand they have to put pressure on the ball and not allow players to shoot. They must close quickly. Players need to concentrate as a poor defensive position will ultimately lead to conceding a goal.

Alternatively you can add a keeper in each goal and the players have to JUST pass the ball to the opposing keeper to score.