7 Triangle Diamond + Dribbling Training

The Training Triangle provides a portable and affordable solution for coaches to implement mannequin training with their players, regardless of whether or not they are training in a world class facility, a gym floor, or their front yard. With The Triangle Training Method learn mannequin training exercises used by top European teams such as Arsenal and Bayern Munich as well as games that create environments to pass and play in triangles. All age groups and skill levels can benefit from this type of training. Purchase separately or as part of your Team Set purchase.

Here's another great exercise for your Training Triangles that can be done with your players during the first 15-20 minutes of practice to work on multiple technical aspects of their game including passing, movement off the ball, and dribbling technique.

The Set Up

diamond training setup

How it Works: 

Player R plays a cut pass (across body pass) to B and moves to supports the pass.

B lays the ball off to R, who plays forward to Y.

Y does a set-and-go with B, and sprints to support a one-two with B.

B dribbles through triangles (encourage chopping the ball as you would to beat a defender) and begins rotation again in starting position R.

*Variation to finish the exercise with a shot on goal*

Set up grid at the top of the box, or in front of a goal for Player B to have a shot on after dribbling through triangles.