6v6 Game - 6 goals - Goalkeeper Communication

The following drill comes from Tony DiCicco and was presented at the Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic. Find out more about the Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

This drill, which is like a half-court basketball game, focuses on strengthening communication as well as scoring in traffic.

Field size 70 yards wide x 30 yards long

6 players defend 3 goals and attack 3 other goals

Goalkeepers can serve 2 functions:

  1. Can be a backpass from a teammate to put the ball back into play (2 touch restriction)
  2. Can communicate to help organize the defense. This is the key role for the goalkeeper in this game
goalkeeper communication game

Key Coaching Points

Establish a glossary of terms for the goalkeeper:

SLIDE - When the ball is moving laterally across the field, the keeper most move defenders.

JIM - WEAK SIDE - When the ball is on one side of the field, the other side is vulnerable. The keeper must use a players name and organize the weak side (side without the ball)

CONTAIN - When a player is closing an attacker, contain coaches the defender not to dive in for the tackle but to pressure and contain.

CLOSE - Use with a specific name but to move in and pressure the 1st attacker without getting beat.

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