5 Tips on Accelerating Performance Improvements

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I have borrowed the 5 bullet Friday idea from on my favorite performance leaders, Tim Ferris. You can subscribe to these weekly individual player performance tips here


Technical Training – Increase Contact Time with the Ball

One of the biggest challenges that young Canadian players face is the lack of contact time with the ball. Young Brazilian players are spending 12-15 hours a week working on their ball skills and young European players are training five or six times each week. Consequently, Canada must adopt the same philosophy towards technical development if we wish to be truly successful in soccer in competition with these nations. Learn More

Training Exercise for the Week – Complete our 4 Box Ball Mastery Exercise:

Tactical Training – Understand your starting position and roles on the field

The development of young players is much more successful when they understand what is required of them. I advocate that up to U15 young players tactical training should be restricted to developing awareness on the field. In effect, what space can be exploited and decision-making should be developed around what technical skills and movement should be used to exploit this space. Learn More

Physical Preparation – Manage your Training Load

The speed of the game is quicker and the time that the ball is in play is almost fifteen minutes greater than in the 1990’s. Speed, agility, acceleration, strength and endurance are all physical attributes that must be developed by young players (at the appropriate phase) during their long-term development. Learn More

Mental Preparation – Be Smarter Than Other Players

Men’s Health magazine reported in 2012 that research by Predrag Petrovic (PhD and lead researcher at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm) concluded that soccer players score within the top 2 to 5 per cent of the population when tested on memory, multitasking and creativity. Soccer is a rapidity changing game with quick movements of the ball, teammates and the opposition. It is a random game when compared to other North American sports such as NFL football or basketball where there are more stoppages and set plays. Petrovic argues that adapting constantly to a changing environment (which elite soccer players do) develops skills that are easily transferable to executive business functions such as changing strategies and suppressing old, out-dated plans. Learn More

A Motivational Video from Sir Alex Ferguson – Working Hard is a Talent

Watch Video and Embrace Hard Work in all your training sessions & games this week.