4 v 3 Group Defending Transition Drill

The following comes from Don Herlan (Smedley). Much more like this can be found from Smedley on his site at www.smedleyssoccersite.com.

Set Up: Fourteen players are set up on a large split field, playing 8 v 6.

Procedure: During the drill, the attackers play 4 v 3 in one half of the field, looking to change the ball over to their teammates in the other half. Three defenders are stationed in a central zone, looking to steal passes and defend in the other half when the ball gets changed over. When the defenders win the ball, all six players are free to use the entire field to maintain possession. If the ball is put out of play, the drill is re-started by the Feeder.

defending transition drill

Teaching Topics:

  1. Angle of approach.
  2. Cover.
  3. Group Defending.

Progressions: Limit the attackers to 3-5 passes.

Coaching Points:

  1. Curve your approaching run and force the play towards the sideline or into a corner.
  2. Take away the easy short passes to the nearest attackers. Force the thru pass.
  3. Be active in the central zone. Move with the play and don’t be a spectator.