3v3+3 or 4v4+4 Game

The Training Triangle provides a portable and affordable solution for coaches to implement mannequin training with their players, regardless of whether or not they are training in a world class facility, a gym floor, or their front yard. With The Triangle Training Method learn mannequin training exercises used by top European teams such as Arsenal and Bayern Munich as well as games that create environments to pass and play in triangles. All age groups and skill levels can benefit from this type of training. Purchase separately or as part of your Team Set purchase.

Players Needed: 9-12    Duration: 8-10 minutes


Field is 25 yds in width and 20 yds in length with a 2 yd end zone on each end.  Two mini goals are placed 3 yds from the outside of the grid.  3 Teams of 3 players or 4 players depending on numbers.  One team is neutral with a player on the line in-between each of the two goals and one in the middle.  No one is allowed to play in the end zone.

Coaching Points

  • Emphasizing playing between the lines by finding the neutral player in the end zone and quickly supporting him to open up the defense and score.  
  • Stay aware of triangular combinations

Find out more about The Triangle Training Method: Purchase separately or as part of your Team Set purchase.