30m Sprint Fatigue - Power Maintenance Test

Description / Procedure : 

power maintenance test image.jpg

In many multi-sprint sports such basketball, hockey, rugby, soccer and so on, players often have to reproduce sprints in quick succession. The ability to recover between sprints and produce the same level of power over and over is a measure of sprint fatigue. 

For this test you require 12 cones or markers and a stopwatch. Look at the diagram to see how to set the cones out:  

  • Sprint from A to b between the cones deviating 5m sideways in the middle of the sprint. Have a training partner start you off and time your sprint from A to B.
  • Jog slowly for 10 meters after point B and then back to the start taking 30 seconds to do so.
  • As soon as you reach the start repeat the sprint.
  • Complete a total of 10 sprints and have your training partner note down all the times.
  • Subtract your fastest time from your slowest time. This is your sprint fatigue. For example if your slowest sprint was 7.8 seconds and your fastest sprint was 6.9 seconds your sprint fatigue is 0.9 (7.8 - 6.9). 
power maintenance.png