1 v 1 Receiving and Turning Drill

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Receiving and turning to attack and score in the defender (A)’s goal. (2) Passes the ball into (1) who has to receive and turn and beat (A) and score a goal. Have the attacker run the ball into the goal to score or shot it in.

1v1 receiving and turning

Coaching Points in Receiving and Turning:

  1. Support in a diagonal position not in a straight line (off at an angle).
  2. Receiver face the player with the ball (eye contact) so they know the receiver is ready.
  3. Receiver move to the ball to avoid anticipation of a defender intercepting or away to create space to come back into.
  4. Receiver be aware of where the space is to turn. Body position half turned to receive moving the ball on the first touch (changing direction). Use upper body to create an element of surprise or disguise. Get your body between the ball and your opponent (screen the ball).
  5. On receiving and changing direction with the first touch change pace (away from a defender). Use your arms to protect yourself and keep your knees bent for good balance.

Progression: Have two pairs working in the same area to develop awareness of player’s positions and space.

Above, attacker (1) checks off at an angle to receive and turn and face up to defender (A) in a much better position now to attack them in a 1 v 1.

Methods of Turning:

  1. Check off, receive and turn inside and face up to defender in one movement off first touch.
  2. Receiver backs into defender and receives ball to feet, spin defender using their body as a screen and using the inside or outside of either foot.
  3. Turn away with outside / inside of each foot.
  4. Turning without the ball pull defender short creating space behind, spin quickly and receive the ball behind the defender
  5. Play 1-2 and go.
  6. Run defender off and away from the ball then check back into space you have created to receive and turn in one touch to face your opponent.