1 v 1 Attacking Play Using Cones to Represent Defenders

If you have them, instead of cones use mannequins or poles so the ball literally has to be played in between them. Or insist the passes with cones have to be on the ground. 

1 v 1 attacking play using cones to represent defenders forcing players to move into open passing lanes for each other

Try to maintain possession of the ball. (1) attempts to pass to (4) and get the ball back and pass to (3) and so on. Players should try to dribble and receive and turn in the 1 v 1 as well as get into angled supporting positions to pass and move. Keep the score, the first to ten goals wins. If a pass knocks a cone over that player loses possession.

1 v 1 attacking play

Same idea with 4 support players on the outside

Same idea but 4 moving players to pass to. Vary the touches, 1 or 2 touches outside unlimited them 3 then 2 then 1 if possible on the inside. (1) passes to (3), either passes to the side of (3) or (3) moves into an open passing lane. The cone representing a defender is in the path of the pass so (1) must pass away from the cone.

Using the cones to position correctly off the ball

(1) is in possession and uses the cones as guides to where the best space is to receive the pass from (4). Develop into a 2 v 2.

Now a 2 v 2 so looking to split the two defenders with a pass

(2) cannot see (1) due to the cones being in the passing lanes which forces (1) to move into the best open space to receive the pass. (2) can pass to that space to force (1) to move there or (1) already has identified that space so moves to it forcing (2) to play that particular pass.

2 v 2