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In the three years since I released my book Soccer Tough, I’ve been working with soccer players and coaches of all ages and at every level of the game. I’ve managed to build a collection of further development philosophies and performance tools and techniques. I’ve been able to put these into my new book Soccer Tough II. I’m now excited to announce the release of Soccer Tough II, and I’m delighted to share with the audience at Amplified Soccer Athlete an excerpt from the book.

But before I do let me tell you a little about the make-up of the book. It is split into four sections – practice, prepare, perform and progress. I want soccer players to have very simple mental techniques to train more effectively (practice), to prepare thoroughly for an upcoming match, to slot into the right mindset come match day, and also to have easy to implement ideas to continuously progress their mentality and their game.

As always, I’ve used real life examples from my own playbook. In Soccer Tough II you get to learn how I helped Crystal Palace winger, Yannick Bolasie, establish himself in the Premier League and have some incredibly impactful performances. I also introduce you to the training methodologies of England’s most capped soccer player. It’s packed full of powerful stories.

As my close friends and partners in the U.S., Amplified Soccer Athlete asked me if I wanted to share an excerpt of Soccer Tough II with their audience. Below is the piece I’ve chosen.

It’s vital that every soccer player has the capability of running onto the pitch with confidence and energy. Yet many players leave this to chance. As a consequence, one day they are brimming with confidence, while the next match they are sapped of self-belief. One match they feel full with energy, the next match they are drained of energy.

I want all players to be much more consistent with their ability to play with confidence and energy. This is why I’ve created a technique called ‘Your Bars’. It’s the job of every soccer player to raise their confidence and energy bars before they play.

As part of your match preparation you need to know what it is you have to do to raise your confidence and energy bars to their highest possible point. You need to know the habits and actions that are going to help you feel as confident as possible and as energized as possible. 

Find out how you can be better match prepared with high confidence and energy in the full article from Dan in the December "Off-Season Training" Issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete.


Dan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams is a global sport psychologist who works alongside some of the leading players, teams, coaches and organisations in the world. He is known for his passion and ability to de-mystify sport psychology, as well as his talent for creating easy to understand and simple to use techniques and performance philosophies. A former professional golfer and PGA golf coach Dan has a First Class Honours degree in psychology and Masters degree in sport psychology. Academically he is visiting lecturer at several universities and he holds registration with the HCPC (meaning he is legally safe to practice as a psychologist). Dan works in all sport but specialises in football/soccer and golf. He is Lead Psychologist for England Golf and he works with players from leading amateur through to Tour players. In football/soccer psychology he is regarded as a leader in the field. He has some of the leading turnaround case studies in Premier League history and he has written two international bestselling books. One of these books, Soccer Tough, has been heralded one of the most important books in football. He currently works with players, teams and organisations across 'Planet Football.' Dan also works in the Corporate Sector delivering his sport psychology techniques and philosophies to individuals and groups.