Are you spending enough time on your own to improve your technical skills?

Gaining comfort with the soccer ball is the quickest path to a successful soccer career. There are a lot of options out there to get soccer drills and resources to train on your own. The repetition of the skill/technique will eventually lead to being able to perform it more efficiently and subconsciously. We have pulled together a list below of past posts related to soccer technical skills. We also highly recommend and encourage you to check out these partners:

U.S. Soccer’s Youth National Team Director April Heinrichs and her staff have identified and refined protocols which can be used as tests, homework and training exercises. These tests were designed with U-12 to U-20 players in mind, are geared towards motivating players to spend time on their own improving their ball control, short range passing, speed and agility with the ball, and, the use of their instep for driven balls and shooting. A player that controls the ball is a player that helps control the tempo of the game, advance the ball and contribute to the team’s tactical abilities. Get the tests!

Summer time for some soccer players is a rest time, for others it’s a time to get better.  For college soccer players summertime can make the difference between starting in the fall or sitting the bench. The problem that players have during the summer is numbers; most players do workouts on their own and might struggle to know what to do.  The following exercises will help solve this problem, simple technical work with a ball if done correctly and with the correct amount of effort can make a big impact in the fall.  For these exercises all you will need is a ball and four markers.

To be a confident, competitive, skillful athlete we first need to establish a very strong foundation in dynamic balance, rhythmic footwork and an understanding of how to quickly reposition the body to gain a competitive advantage. Coordination is key to mastering any skill, and many young players are lacking this foundational component of sports mastery. Training has dramatically changed in the past decade, and although the research and sports science field has helped top end athletes achieve great things, we are losing the battle in the trenches. Read about Movement Training and Early Specialization!

1v1 training is a great way to work on your individual skills development. Here is a drill for attacking moves.

The goalkeeper needs to be able to effectively distribute the ball to build possession out of the back. Goalkeepers have to make good decisions once they get the ball. Finding the right teammate is half the problem, getting it there is the other half. Here is a technical workout with video that goalkeepers can do on their own and with a partner to help improve their distribution.

Top 5 Video Series:

This 60 Ball Interval Shooting Session is done in 30 minutes. Exercises are performed with 60 soccer balls and two players alternating, one who does the drill while the other recovers.(If you don't have 60 soccer balls, don't worry. Grab an extra friend to shag balls and you can do this drill with far fewer balls.)  Sprints are performed at top speed, finishing in front of a goal with a shot on goal. Each player does six balls at a time in continuous fashion with the coach feeding the player at the end of each run. After six balls, the training partner performs the same exercise while the other player rests. The total work load for each exercise is five sets of six balls each, 30 balls per player, totaling 60 balls.

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We hope you found some drills here to help you Amplify Your Game! You can find more videos at our YouTube channel.