Chico State "YBMI" Fitness Test

Chico State "YBMI" Fitness Test

Are You Fit Enough for a Top Team in the CCAA? 

The California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) is considered to be the toughest and most competitive NCAA Division II Conference in the country. By that measure, the Chico State women's soccer team is among the toughest of the tough. This program has seen a great deal of success over the years under Head Coach, Kim Sutton.

The Wildcats success at a glance: earned six CCAA North Division titles, six trips to the CCAA Championship Tournament (winning the program’s first-ever CCAA conference title in 2007) and five NCAA Championship Tournament appearances in the past 10 seasons.

At the beginning of each season, players at Chico are expected to complete all three fitness tests while passing two of them. The "YBMI" is one of these tests and it is designed to evaluate the fitness and recovery levels of players. 

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