Soccer Tough II

Do you utilize sport psychology within your training sessions? Do you utilize it when you compete? How strong is your competitive mindset?

Global soccer psychologist Dan Abrahams is back with a follow up to his groundbreaking, international bestseller "Soccer Tough".

In "Soccer Tough 2: Advanced Psychology Techniques for Footballers" Dan introduces soccer players to more cutting edge tools and techniques to help them develop the game of their dreams.

Soccer Tough 2 is split into four sections - Practice, Prepare, Perform, and Progress and Dan's goal is simple - to help players train better, prepare more thoroughly, perform with greater consistency and progress faster.

Each section offers readers an assortment of development strategies and game philosophies that bring the psychology of soccer to life. They are techniques that have been proven on pitches and with players right across the world.

Like the original Soccer Tough, this book has been designed to be readable, accessible, and no-nonsense. Every chapter is short, engaging and packed full of stories from some of the best men and women soccer players in the world today.

  • Develop a no limit attitude towards your potential
  • Create a world class improvement program for your soccer
  • Ramp up your training attitude using cutting-edge motivational theories
  • Prepare to play with energy and confidence
  • Use your 'controllers' to manage your focus, your intensity, and your emotions on the pitch
  • Learn to play under pressure like the best footballers in the world do
  • Measure and build your self-belief

Soccer Tough 2 has been written with one thing in mind... to make you the best footballer you can be.

Dan Abrahams is a regular contributor to Amplified Soccer Athlete and we deeply appreciate his support and the amazing content that he provides our audience to support them on their journey. In our December issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete magazine, we will have an excerpt from his new book. Please pick-up a copy of Soccer Tough II.

We've listed below links to his past contributions to our website and magazine. Check them out for a taste of what you can find in his latest book.

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Get more like this and take the next step to become mentally tough with Soccer Tough II.


Dan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams is a global sport psychologist who works alongside some of the leading players, teams, coaches and organisations in the world. He is known for his passion and ability to de-mystify sport psychology, as well as his talent for creating easy to understand and simple to use techniques and performance philosophies. A former professional golfer and PGA golf coach Dan has a First Class Honours degree in psychology and Masters degree in sport psychology. Academically he is visiting lecturer at several universities and he holds registration with the HCPC (meaning he is legally safe to practice as a psychologist). Dan works in all sport but specialises in football/soccer and golf. He is Lead Psychologist for England Golf and he works with players from leading amateur through to Tour players. In football/soccer psychology he is regarded as a leader in the field. He has some of the leading turnaround case studies in Premier League history and he has written two international bestselling books. One of these books, Soccer Tough, has been heralded one of the most important books in football. He currently works with players, teams and organisations across 'Planet Football.' Dan also works in the Corporate Sector delivering his sport psychology techniques and philosophies to individuals and groups.