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Soccer social returns to keep you in the know on what your favorite soccer stars are posting online. The postseason vacation is in vogue at the moment and if I close my eyes tight enough I sometimes think I'm at the beach too. Kei Kamara does some pregame prep with little Kierin. Grant Wahl goes full soccer nerd and Mario Balotelli is on the mend.

To begin, lets head out west where Omar Gonzalez found himself with some time on his hands due to missing out on the latest World Cup Qualifying roster. Hopefully Kobe had some sage wisdom for young Omar as he took in the Lakers game courtside.

@omar4gonzalez courtside. (via @lakers)

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This baby is not at all impressed with Fatai Alashe. Ooooor he is amazed at finding a depiction of another human with the same head to body ratio. I guess we'll never know.

Gabriel met @fatai.alashe's bobblehead today at Quakes HQ. The face says it all. 👶🏼 #Quakes74

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Before the USA vs Trinidad & Tobago World Cup Qualifying match, writer/reporter, Grant Wahl geeked out to the max. Wahl pulled up grass from where he decided was the exact spot that Paul Caligiuri scored the "Shot heard round the world" that defeated Trinidad & Tobago and sent the US to the 1990 World Cup.

Cryogenics just don't seem to go away. Yael Averbuch is the latest to try out this trendy new way to take an ice bath.

Kei Kamara spent some quality time with his daughter Kierin reading words of encouragement before his game against the New York Red Bulls this weekend.

Kierin helping daddy read the messages from the neighborhood kids. #HeartShapedHands

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Don't worry everyone! Even after a groin surgery #SuperMario's selfie game is still strong. Is he winking or did he just pick his face up from the pillow for a quick selfie before succumbing to his post surgery meds? Maybe both.

All done ! All good! Coming back soon👍🏾.. Thanks for support few weeks and I ll be back👊🏾

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"Oh hey, I didn't see you there. I was just napping with my tiger." #DwyerLerouxHoneymoon

What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze....

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Dom got his adrenaline fix in a slightly different way... #DwyerLerouxHoneymoon

Part 2: I love this feeling #FirstTimer

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With the offseason now in full swing for most MLS and NWSL players many have taken to the beach to recover/show off all their hard work. Here is Seba Giovinco enjoying not being in a rapidly cooling Toronto.

Next up is Morgan Brian posing for a pic in St. Lucia. Making everyone else sad that they are either not that fit or not that warm.

Soufrière 🏔👙☀️🏘🌊

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Morgan was not alone though of course! Her boyfriend, the Philadelphia Union rookie Eric Bird, was also on this trip. Quite frankly I give the nod to Eric for best poolside pic. That could also just be due to Morgan being a better photographer though. Also, points for the pool pun.

You couldn't pool me away from this if you tried! #punsfordays #vacation

A photo posted by Eric Bird (@er1c_b1rd) on

This past week will be remembered though for the tragedy that struck Paris. Before the England vs France game, instead of the players lining up as usual they intermingled and created a circle to show how only in sport are these two European neighbors separated. The 70,000 fans at Wembley also sang the French National Anthem, La Marseillaise, as a show of support. Meanwhile, outside, Wembley shined brightly with the Red, White, and Blue of France.


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