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Soccer Social media takes no breaks and thus we are back to update you on what has gone down in the past week. This week there was some long rumored news from Orlando that finally became official. Dominic Oduro made sure to get a celebratory selfie. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to loooove Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi got some new PJ's from his old pal Luis Suarez. Suarez was just able to snag the last Youth Large before they sold out....

Let's begin with good ole Cristiano Ronaldo snapping a selfie of him and his son. Mini CR7 seems less enthused about the workout than dear old dad..."Only twenty more miles son! One day, you can take selfies too!"

Recovery 💪🏽👍

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Oh Deandre Yedlin you absolute dog you. Deandre's love interest, Tristin Mays, seems quite smitten with her well coiffed little love bug ooooorrrrr she just told him to order for her and he's now panicking while she looks on smuggly...

👀😁 @tristinmays

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Exciting news from the NWSL this week as the Orlando Pride became the newest addition to the league. They came in swinging with the addition of head coach Tom Sermanni, the former coach of both the U.S. and Australian women's national teams.

Introducing Orlando Pride, starting NWSL play in 2016.

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A good prank will get me every time. In this video, Kelley O'Hara falls for the classic "empty" box trick. She mad...

My friends are super welcoming and make me feel very relaxed while visiting 😑 #didwegether @kstan10 @shadowfaxx

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This may not be a juicy rumor but it is certainly big news. MLS will begin a video replay trial to test using instant replay to aid referees. FIFA has been resisting the shift to video replay because Sepp Blatter just still isn't sure motion pictures are going to catch on...

After a tumultuous season the Montreal Impact finally secured a playoff spot. Never one to miss a selfie opportunity, Dominic Oduro rallied the troops postgame for this this shot.

Finally, here is Lionel Messi showing off his new threads that apparently were given to him by Luis Suarez. What Suarez didn't tell Leo is that he regifted that after missing the bday party for CR7's little son. 

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