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A lot of athletes, wants to continue to play following the end of their intercollegiate career. For most college athletes that playing opportunity does not come at the highest level of their sport. This means that athletes must look for additional opportunities to continue to play at various levels of competition. Fortunately for them, opportunities are plenty, but waiting to be discovered. We featured a number of these opportunities in our October issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete.

In the October issue we featured an interview with Megan Tabler, a  player at the Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy, and Jeff Thompson, a Graduate Program Recruiter for the program.

IASA offers student/athletes the best of both worlds: A top quality Master degree program while living and playing in a true sports culture, on a year round basis. IASA may provide an exit route into the professional game at some level, for some students, as they will be continually working and playing within a professional sports environment. 

Megan Tabler - Player Profile

Megan Tabler - Player Profile

Aspiring Midfielder Megan Tabler tells us more about why she loves football, Leeds and RIASA!

Posted by Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy on Friday, November 27, 2015

Excerpt from the magazine features:

Amplified Soccer: When and why was this program developed?

Jeff Thompson: The IASA Graduate Program was developed on the heels of our very successful undergraduate soccer program that is now entering its 6th year in operation, RIASA (Richmond International Academic and Soccer Academy). Megan Tabler is part of the 4th cohort of Graduate Students to take advantage of this unique opportunity to study, train and play in our Soccer Academy. The graduate program (IASA) was easily adaptable into the Academy as we had all of the infrastructure in place at the undergraduate level.

Amplified Soccer: What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Megan Tabler: I hope to gain another prospective of the game of football. I'm excited to learn about the incredible history and culture of the English game. The program has many perks that I am looking forward to such as meeting new teammates from all over, getting my UEFA coaching license, and being able to travel.

Amplified Soccer: What advice do you have for other athletes wanting this same type of opportunity?

Megan Tabler: My advice to other athletes that want this experience is to do your research early! I was lucky enough that the timing worked out in my favor but there are so many opportunities to continue playing out there if you really want to!

Amplified Soccer: If an athlete is interested in playing after college, what steps should they take?

Jeff Thompson:  The first step is to contact their current coaching staff to see if they have received any information about IASA or they can contact me directly at They should also visit our website at to find out additional information about our program as well.

We are truly a "one of a kind" opportunity for student/athletes looking to study, train and play in a study abroad environment.

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