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maxim speed

Maxim Speed is a 10 year old Center Midfielder from Honolulu, Hawaii and plays for FC Hawaii. If you're wondering why we are highlighting this young soccer player then simply turn to his Instagram account @maximspeed for a quick answer. His skill set is above that of your average 10 year old soccer player which can easily be gathered by videos of his tricks and game highlights, he's a die hard soccer junky and he happens to be a social media guru with over 27,000 followers (including some notable accounts like Marcelo Viera Jr. of Real Madrid, @super_athletes, @ffdtvonline and @superiorstriker). Learn more about Maxim in our quick Q&A with the young soccer star. 


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Age, Club, Position (if applicable), Location?  

10 years old, FC Hawaii, center-mid, Honolulu, Hawaii

When and how did you start playing soccer?

Started when I was three with Brenna (his godsister).

What is your favorite pro team and why?

FC Barcelona because I like the way they play & their positioning.

Who is your favorite pro player and why?

Messi, because he's really good on the ball & he doesn't think about what he does, it's all instinct.

What is your soccer dream?

To play on FC Barcelona & maybe get famous & just have fun with the sport.

Why do you love soccer?

Because it's fun & you meet a lot of friends during games.

What is your favorite move/trick? Can you send us a video or two of this/these move(s)?

Elastico or Rabona

How many times can you juggle in a row?

612 is my record... normally I can do 100-200.

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not playing soccer?  

Hang out with friends or play FIFA on Xbox.

Who do you train with outside of regular practices?

My dad and my friends.

What is your favorite boot to play in?

Nike Superfly

Who else in your family is a soccer lover?

I'm the first, but now my mom & dad like soccer, too.


A video posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Max Speed #28 (@maximspeed) on

When did you start your awesome Instagram account? When did your following start "blowing up"?  

Maybe two years ago, and it started blowing up when we posted videos from games.

Do you have advice for other youth players who want to play at high levels?

If you work hard everything will pay off.