Knee-Strengthening and Injury-Reduction

ACL injuries have become too common in sports, especially youth sports. Over 400,000 athletes will suffer from an ACL injury each year. Many of these injuries are non-contact injuries which happen during a landing or change of direction. Female athletes are at an even greater risk because of the difference in their anatomy. In order to address this issue, we have to first explore the demands of the sport to develop an appropriate training program. Here are some statistics found in a recent study of female soccer players 14- 18 years old:

  • Average distance covered 9.1-11.9km (7.39 miles), 90 minutes
  • Sprints typically last 2-4 seconds
  • Rest is approx 90 seconds
  • Sprints occur at least 30 times
  • Forces absorbed from deceleration can be as much as 1.65-4.22 x body weight
  • Absolute strength data for 1RM back squat is 65.7kg = 145 lbs

With this data, we understand the demands of the sport and can formulate a program to prepare our athletes. We need to focus on more strength qualities and anaerobic conditioning. We also need to develop single leg strength with unilateral movements that address imbalances and assymetries.

This book is written to give you some of the tools you need to become a better ATHLETE. Often times, players lack athleticism because they've specialized in skills training and soccer specific drills. Kids are becoming one sport athletes at an earlier age than ever before. Its not uncommon for a 9 year old to play soccer all year round. This is great for skills development but what's missing is the coordination and awareness developed from movements in other sports. With that lack of overall athleticism comes an increased risk of injury. Think of a race car that was designed to turn left and only left. What would happen in a race if that car needed to move to the right?. This book is meant to help fill those gaps. Its perfect for someone who may have had issues in the past with knee injuries and is looking for a safe, effective way to get back on to the field quickly. Its also great for someone who is great on the ball but lacks the overall explosiveness and athleticism.