Drills of the Week

Here are your weekly top individual training drills that can be found on social media from the past week. This week's drills feature Shea Groom teaming up with YFutbol for some reverse juggling, a new 4 cone drill from Beast Mode Soccer, a core stability exercise from Trainer Gorres, a ball control drill from SoccerFIT Academy,  a foot speed drill from 1v1 Soccer FC  and more! As always, make sure and follow them for more!

Reverse Juggling with Shea Groom and YFutbol

Record your own reverse juggling video. Tag @YaelAverbuch and @SheaGroom on Instagram to be entered to win a special prize.

New 4 Cone Drill from Beast Mode Soccer

A Core Stability Exercise from Trainer Gorres

Trying to take your game to the next level? For all things fitness and strength building, Chris Gorres is the man. Chris maximizes your potential with these training programs that are designed to meet specific needs and goals. Get 50% off Trainer Gorres strength training programs now until January 1. 

Ball Control Series Drill from SoccerFIT Academy

Try the Free 30 Day Skills Challenge from SoccerFIT Academy

This Wall Passing Program combines athletic balance, ball control and passing drills (from the SoccerFIT Skills Manual) into 2 wall passing workouts you can do almost anywhere.

Develop Fast Foot Speed with this Drill from 1v1 Soccer FC

A couple from Amplified Soccer Athlete to help you beat the defender