Drills of the Week

Here are your weekly top individual training drills that can be found on social media from the past week. This week's drills feature a soccer wall warm-up with YFutbol, a twist on Brazilian touches with Beast Mode Soccer, neck strength from Trainer Gorres, hitting the long ball with Become Elite, a re-post of the Wall Passing Developmental Workout warm-up from AthleteFIT and more! As always, make sure and follow them for more!

The latest from Yael Averbuch's YFutbol is a 12 Minute Soccer Wall Work Warm-Up

A different take on Brazilian toe taps from Beast Mode Soccer

Test your dribbling skills with this drill from Amplified Soccer Athlete

Not a video drill but a reminder to work on your neck strength to prevent concussions from Trainer Gorres.

Try this neck and core strength program featuring Ashlyn Harris and Trainer Gorres.

Work on your athletic balance, ball control and passing drills with AthleteFIT

A new group that was brought to our attention is Become Elite. Here is their video on how to hit a long ball.