Drills of the Week

Here are your weekly top individual training drills that can be found on social media from the past week from our friends and partners.

This week's drills feature Ella Masar on YFutbol, AthleteFIT GameSpeed Program, Vogel Soccer Mastery, Beast Mode Soccer in Alaska, Trainer Gorres with Crystal Dunn and Nate Burkey and an Amplified Soccer Athlete training video. As always, make sure and follow them for more!

Improve your first touch and shooting with Ella Masar and YFutbol

Partner Passing Drill from Trainer Gorres featuring Crystal Dunn and Nate Burkey

Here's @cdunn19 and @nateburkey demonstrating a great partner passing drill using @fitlightsports #TrainWithTheBest

A video posted by TrainerGorres (@trainergorres) on

AthleteFIT working on integrating first touch, ball control, reset touches and athletic balance

Check out the Wall Passing Developmental Workout program from AthleteFIT which combines athletic balance, ball control and passing drills (from the SoccerFIT Skills Manual) into 2 wall passing workouts you can do almost anywhere. No need for a partner, just some open space and a wall to kick against. This is the first program from our passing series, focusing on confident first touch, quick repositioning, and combinations that will lead into attacking and finishing drills. This program is designed to be viewed from your phone or tablet, and each exercise is linked to video for quick reference during your workouts. Get the full program now

Beast Mode Soccer provided this ball control drill this week from a camp in Alaska

Learn to trap and control the ball with Vogel Soccer Mastery

Combine your technical touches and footwork drills with a speed dribbling pattern for a serious workout from Amplified Soccer Athlete