A Different Kind of High Intensity Workout

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High intensity workouts can involve more than just running!

By John De Witt, Head Sports Performance Coach, Houston Dynamo Academy & Houston Dash

Since soccer is a sport that requires explosive actions separated by periods of recovery, the best way to improve your fitness is to do just that – perform activities of high intensity followed by some rest.

When we talk about improving our soccer fitness, we can think about a few things that are necessary for success. All involve explosiveness, which we can define as the ability to perform some activity at the highest intensity possible. Raymond Verheijen, a Dutch trainer, wrote a book in which he summarized the needs of soccer explosiveness. His summary of needs, which I like because they put fitness requirements in terms of soccer, is:

  1. Ability to be explosive
  2. Ability to stay explosive for longer periods of time
  3. Ability to stay explosive over the entire game
  4. Ability to recover between explosive actions

Our body responds to training the way we train. In order to improve our explosiveness and ability to maintain explosiveness, we need to train just like that – with explosive actions that are repeated!

When coaches set up your training sessions, you don’t have much control over when you get high intensity training. But there are ways that you can do this on your own. It is easy to think that high intensity actions have to include sprinting, but that is not the case. While sprinting works, there are other ways to train. The key is to do whatever activity you choose at the highest intensity that you can.

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