3 Habits to Exceptional Leadership...In and Beyond the Game

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By Coach Reed (Get more from Coach Reed at www.coachreed.com)

Great leaders in the game and beyond are the ones committed to three simple habits. Though simple, these habits are difficult for most aspiring leaders.  They require us to set aside our egos, subjugate what we want for the sake of the team, and need our constant vigilance.  These habits also reinforce the nine ideals necessary to build an Unrivaled team culture and develop Unbreakable athletes.

Habits take time to form.  These three habits will be no different, but once formed they will help you become the exceptional leader that will not only lead teams on to excellence, but lead well Beyond the Game.

Shake Hands

There are a few reasons why this concepts builds great leaders on and off the field.  First of all, people want to belong.  They want to be accepted and be part of something special.  If you are the upperclassman that is always the first to greet the underclassmen when they arrive at training, you are the one they will trust and follow.  You welcomed them to the team and you made them part of it.  They will give all they have to the team now. Of course, this kind of behavior goes a long way beyond the game too.  Be the one who is always building relationships and making people belong.

Secondly, gratitude is a very powerful ideal in competition and in life.  If you make a habit of thanking your coaches and referees after training and games, you teach your teammates that respect and gratitude transcend the game.  You are building a culture that will outlast hardships if you are feeling gratitude for what you have.  This is also a very powerful tool for developing resilience.  Instead of feeling "beaten", "down", or "sad" when things are not going your way, you will begin to feel grateful for what you do have and will fight to protect it.  There is no "quit" in a person who cherishes what he has and will defend it with his entire being.  This is why the Spartans held the Hot Gates.  They were grateful for the life they had and no one would take that away, no matter how beaten they were.  

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