Top 5 Juggling Training Videos

We are back with another set of videos to to get you started on learning some of the basics and more difficult aspects of juggling. Working on your juggling can help you immensely with your touch and can be a fun way to train when you can't make it out to the field or you only have a few minutes. It's also a great way to show off to your friends...

#1: Amplified Soccer: Soccer Juggling Drill

This drill shows you the basics of how to get started juggling.  It is important to lock your ankle and remember to not hit the ball too high. It will be much easier to control if you keep the ball below or near knee height. Also, force yourself to use your weak foot as well. It is important for a soccer player to be able to use both feet effectively.

#2: 5 Soccer Flick Ups to Use in Your Juggling 

As you begin juggling don't feel that you have to start with the ball on the ground. Dropping the ball from your hands can be an excellent way to start your training. However, once you have a feel for the ball try a few of these techniques to get the ball off the ground.

#3: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball: Step by Step

This video talks you through some of the finer points of the technique you should be using when juggling. It also introduces a drill to begin expanding your skill set and level of comfort with the ball in the air. 

#4: KBANDSTraining Juggling Sequence: Soccer Footwork

This video gives you a few drills that will help you make use of your juggling skills in an actual game. It is important to remember that juggling is only a tool to improve your touch and help you get comfortable with the ball on your foot and in the air. 

#5: Top 5 Soccer Tricks to Learn Fast

Once you get the hang of keeping the ball in the air it is fun to challenge yourself and attempt some higher difficulty tricks. It is also just a fun way to get time on the ball and show off with your friends. This video takes you through some of the easier to learn tricks that will definitely have your confidence brimming once you get them mastered. 

Now that you are well on your way to becoming a freestyle master check out this video for some further inspiration. Don't forget though that mastering tricks doesn't make you a great soccer player on the field. They are however, a very fun way to practice your touch while hanging out with your friends.