Top 5 Videos: Attacking 1v1

Our latest video compilation focuses on tips, drills, and skills for attacking 1v1. There are many videos out there but here are 5 that we think do a great job of getting you on your way to becoming a dynamic attacking threat. An excellent attacking player needs the skills to take on a defender 1v1. Without this dynamic trait a defender can easily neutralize you as a threat and allow his or her teammates to organize behind the ball.

#1: Learn to Attack 1v1 like David Silva: EPL Soccer Coaching Free Tutorials

This video provides some tips on how to approach a defender and how to maintain your balance as you explode through your skill.

#2: Soccer Moves: 3 Soccer Moves to Beat a Defender

This tutorial gives you a good look at three very classic and very effective moves when taking on a defender 1v1. It is important to remember that although learning a new move may seem impossible at first you just need to keep practicing to help get the correct muscle memory.

#3: Learn how to do the Ronaldinho & Ronaldo 1v1 Move - Football Soccer Tutorial

Much like video #2 this tutorial shows you two classic moves that were often utilized by two of the sports greatest attackers, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo.

#4: Learn Football Skills with Raheem Sterling - (Former) Liverpool & England Star 2014

Raheem Sterling takes you through his favorite skill when attacking a defender. It may seem quite simple but if you can attack with confidence and pace all you need is for a defender to be slightly off balance before you blow by.

#5: Top 5 Amazing Football Skills to Learn - Tutorial Thursday Vol. 1 by freekickerz

In our final training video freekickerz give you a step by step guide on some seriously audacious attacking moves. Often, a player can make the mistake of being too fancy and thus slow and indecisive but if you can master, and utilize at pace, a few these tricks you will have defenders VERY worried.

Finally, before you go out and master these moves, here is some inspiration from the wee magician. Note that being decisive, attacking with pace, and keeping it within your comfort zone is best.

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