Top 5 Soccer Defending Videos

This week's Top 5 Video Series is focused on helping you towards your goal of becoming a top defender. A team can have the best forward in the world but if they can't win the ball or keep the other team from scoring it won't matter one bit. A strong defense is the foundation of nearly every championship team and every player on the field at least be able to defend in a pinch. 

#1: Soccer Defending Drills with LA Galaxy Coach Dave Sarachan (Kick Academy)

This drill takes you through the approach and body shape you should adopt when closing down a defender 1 v 1.

#2: Vincent Kompany FIFA 12 Coaching Tutorial: 2 v 1 Defending

In this video Vincent Kompany will show you the technique, spacing, and timing he uses when faced with defending two attackers at once. He also has some advice on not letting the haters get you down. 

#3: How to Slide Tackle with Shannon Boxx

Our third video has USWNT star Shannon Boxx breaking down the proper slide tackling technique. As she mentions in the video, slide tackling should be a last resort and always done correctly to minimize the risk of injury for all players involved. However, when done well, an excellent slide tackle can be a crucial tool for a defender.

#4: Advanced Defense - Passing out of Pressure by Online Soccer Academy

The fourth video in our series takes a look at passing out of the back as a defender. Being able to maintain possession of the ball is vital to developing a proper attack and minimizing the amount of time the other team has on the ball. Good defenders don't allow players to get by them with the ball but the best defenders can also help spur an attack with a penetrating pass or timely off the ball movement. 

#5: Nike Academy: Defending Checklist

The fifth video in this series creates a checklist for all defenders to keep in mind during a game. Delay. Deny. Deflect. Defend.

Finally, it is important to remember that even the best defenders in the world can be beaten by an incredible piece of skill.

However, if you defend as a team and work hard to recover after being beaten you can also shut down even the most dangerous attacker. 

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