August Issue Preview - Have Your Best Season Ever

We want you to thrive and not just survive this season!

In our upcoming August issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete, we’ve put together resources to help you not only make it through the season but have your best season yet.

“The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.” - Mia Hamm

As you will read throughout the upcoming August issue, you must be able to balance getting in extra fitness sessions, which is very important, (as covered in John De Witt’s article, “Maintaining Fitness Levels for the Entire Season”) and resting, also very important, (“Taking Care of Your Body and Mind” by Ross LaBauex and the “How Does Sleep Loss Influence Your Performance”). Ultimately, you must know your body and your fitness levels and be able to make the right decisions with your time and body. The only person that you have to blame for not taking the necessary steps to be at peak fitness levels is yourself.

Additionally, it’s equally important to be constantly working on your ball skills. Find time outside of team practice on your own or with a friend to get in the extra touches. We have provided some great ball skills resources from Beast Mode Soccer, Yael Averbuch, AthleteFIT and more! You can find additional training videos at our YouTube page at

If you’re going to be the best, you need to learn from the best. We’ve got insights from professional athletes and the trainers and mental game experts who work with them to get them to their peak playing ability! Sporting Kansas City’s Dom Dwyer and Erik Palmer-Brown along with Seattle Reign’s Amber Brooks provide insights in our training Q&As.

What kind of choices are you making now to start the season? Are you choosing to get plenty of sleep at night? Are you choosing to eat breakfast every day? Are you choosing to work hard in the weight room? Are you choosing to run every sprint/drill as hard as possible? Are you choosing to be enthusiastic and supportive of your teammates?

Full Table of Contents

  1. Thrive Don’t Just Survive This Season
  2. Introduction to Training for Agility by Performance Soccer Conditioning
  3. Using Sport Psychology as a Soccer Player by Dan Abrahams
  4. Beast Mode Soccer Drills of the Month
  5. Q&A with Sporting Kansas City’s Dom Dwyer
  6. Yael Averbuch Featured YFutbol Drills
  7. 30 Day Skills Challenge from SoccerFIT Academy
  8. Alive & Kicking: The Women’s Soccer Movie We’ve Been Waiting For
  9. How Does Sleep Loss Influence Your Performance
  10. Q&A with Seattle Reign’s Amber Brooks
  11. 1v1 Soccer Technical Tests
  12. Save your Legs and Build Endurance by Trainer Gorres
  13. Maintaining Fitness Levels for the Entire Season by John De Witt
  14. Taking Care of Your Body and Mind by Ross LaBauex
  15. Training Q&A with Mary Biehner, Wilmington Hammerheads Athletic Trainer
  16. Q&A with Sporting Kansas City’s Erik Palmer-Brown
  17. What is “Soccer Intelligence” and How Can You Train It? / An Interview with Wayne Harrison
  18. Goalkeeper Technical Workout – The Warm-up
  19. 10 Nutrition Rules to Live By
  20. Recipes for Athletes: Tzatziki Dip
  21. Recipes for Athletes: Grilled Chicken and Watermelon Salad
  22. Project Effort – Urban Soccer Camp

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If you haven’t downloaded our July issue, here are the top 10 things you’re missing:

1)      Every player is looking to enhance their speed, especially their first step quickness and separation speed. But even though this is the goal, many players don’t necessarily train for this. We all run sprints at practice, but think back to your training program and see if you can remember a time when your coach had you specifically focus on maximal speed over 5-10 yards. When training to improve this type of speed we’ve provided a number of things to consider along with workouts from AthleteFIT.

2)      Begin training for speed with soccer specific exercises from Performance Conditioning Soccer.

3)      Footwork and Ball Training Drills from Beast Mode Soccer and Yael Averbuch.

4)      Champions in any sport never ease up. They are never satisfied. They are hungry for more, in fact they are ravenous. Their appetite isn’t just for success – that plays a part, that’s the end goal in mind. Actually, champions are fully focused on constantly improving their skills. They are always trying to learn and become better. Get advice from Dan Abrahams.

5)      “It’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about how you stand back up.” - Read our feature interview with Crystal Dunn about how she has bounced back from not making the World Cup team to being the leading MVP candidate in NWSL.

6)      Get training advice and videos from Crystal Dunn and her personal trainer, Chris Gorres.

7)      Learn how to get recruited from San Jose Earthquakes forward, Quincy Amarikwa and Ross LaBauex from Perfect Soccer Recruit.

8)      Find out what you need to ask when being recruited from top college coaches and 2015 top recruit, Mallory Pugh.

9)      Learn about San Jose Earthquakes and MLS Homegrown All-Star Tommy Thompson as he talks about setting, meeting and scoring goals.

10)   Get fitness and nutrition information from SoccerGrlProbs!