Top 5 Finishing Drill Videos

What is the most important part of being a striker? Putting the ball in the back of the net. Working with your teammates and on your own to improve your killer instinct in front of goal is a vital part of becoming a successful striker. It is important to remember that you never have a skill "Mastered". There is always room for improvement and champions are never satisfied.  

These five videos go through a range of drills and techniques using the different types of finishing scenarios an attacking player will come across. 

1.  Master Your Finishing: The Four-Way Finish (FourFourTwo)

This drill emphasizes getting a target forward touches on the ball within the box. The focus is on receiving the ball cleanly and getting a shot off on the first or second touch. Get a group of friends together or just have one friend serve you in balls from one corner at a time. 

2. Reading FC Academy Shooting Drill (BBC Sport)

This drill from the Reading FC Academy focuses on developing the correct technique for striking the ball. A simple progression then takes you to a more natural shooting scenario to give a more realistic finishing scenario. Remember, no skill is ever mastered. Continuing to focus on fundamental technique is very important.

3. FA TV England U21 Shooting Practice

The third drill comes from the U21 England National Team training. In this drill two midfield players combine before laying off a ball near the top of the box. The shooting player runs on to the ball and strikes on either the first or second touch. This drill provides a chance to work on shooting from a longer range and incorporates a run-up to the ball which helps create a more game realistic scenario in that area of the field. 

4. Crazy Free Kick Tutorial - How To Shoot A Knuckleball (FreeKickerz)

Ever wonder how to hit a nasty knuckling freekick? This video goes step by step through the technique needed to become a free kick specialist. Every great finisher wants to be able to take the free kicks too right?

5. Pro Tips: How to properly head the ball with Abby Wambach

Finally, to be a dominant goalscorer, no matter your height, you need to be able to score with your head. This video has the reigning world champion of scoring headers, Abby Wambach, go through the training that helped her become an excellent header of the ball. 

Remember, even the pros sometimes mess up...

Now go get out on the practice field and get to work on scoring some goals. The glory goes to the goalscorers! Also, for those trying to stop people from scoring check out our Top 5 Goalkeeper Training Videos.