Train Like a Pro: Plyometrics featuring Ali Krieger

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Ali Krieger is known as one of the fastest players on the US Women's National team and one of the best defenders in the World.  Her speed allows her to make plays all over the field, winning the ball on one end, and attacking on the other.  Learn how to train like Ali with a plyometric program designed by her personal trainer, Chris Gorres, now available for purchase in the Amplified Soccer Athlete app.

I started working with Chris to help me get ready for training camps with the national team. I needed someone to prepare me for the high intensity of practice sessions as we get ready for matches and it was very important for me to be fit but to also feel good. Chris has done a fantastic job in getting me into shape and making me feel great. He tailors exercises for me and my specific needs, which is something that is missing in a team atmosphere.
— Ali Krieger

More about Chris Gorres

Trying to take your game to the next level? For all things fitness and strength building, Chris Gorres is the man. Chris maximizes your potential with online training programs that are designed to match your specific needs and goals. For more information and more content check out his website. Chris will help you increase your speed, agility, quickness. He also specializes in injury prevention, strength and power for sports, rehabilitation, and overall fitness/weight loss. In this video, pro soccer player Tiffany Weimer and pro basketball player Marcus Ginyard talk about their training experience. 

He has helped my game tremendously as an individual and my experience at camps have been great since we started. I feel stronger and so much more confident in my ability to be quick in the first few steps. As a defender, footwork is extremely important and we’ve worked together on speed and explosiveness that will help me play my position. the hard work has definitely paid off for me and I can’t thank Chris enough for everything that he’s done to help me stay on top of my game.
— Ali Krieger

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