Train Like a Pro: Core & Neck Strength Training featuring Ashlyn Harris

Train Like a Pro: Core & Neck Strength Training featuring Ashlynn Harris by Trainer Gorres

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There are many risk factors involved with head trauma, but Neck Strength is the only risk factor that can be modified. Concussed athletes had a smaller neck circumference and less overall strength. In untrained youth, the odds of a concussion dropped 5% for every pound of neck strength. In March of 2014, the American Journal of Sports Medicine published an article showing that greater neck strength and anticipatory cervical muscle activation can reduce the magnitude of the kinematic response. So while we may never be able to fully prevent a concussion, we can develop the muscles around the neck to reduce the risk.

15 pages including pictures, descriptions, and workouts.

I have now been training with Chris for two years and he has consistently pushed me to become a better player and athlete. Being a goalkeeper at the highest level demands specific training for the position. What I love most about our training is he gears it to MY specific position. Everything is relative to my movements in training and in games.
— Ashlynn Harris

Each year, there are over 4 million concussions between the ages of 8-17. This is more than just a football issues, its a sports issue, and more specifically a youth sports issue. Middle school aged children are the fastest growing population with sports related concussions, and 1 in 5 will suffer from head trauma. The graph below gives us a look at the rate of injury per every 100,000 exposures. When you take into consideration the amount of participation, girls soccer is actually equal to football. Many young athletes are playing on 3 or more teams in the same season, increasing the amount of exposures.

The primary purpose of this program is injury prevention but with these core workouts, our goal is to be as strong as possible in stabilizing powerful movements. A weak core can be a major limiting factor when it comes to explosive movements like a vertical jump. This program will help you build the explosiveness you need to win in the air and in short sprints to the ball. It will also help you develop confidence and aggressiveness in situations where contact is involved with another player, or the ground. 

Nothing is worse to me than a coach who trains me like every other athlete, or for a sport I do not play. Chris puts in the work which keeps me motivated everyday. Trust me when I say ‘you want to be in the right hands’. Chris is there to help separate me from the rest, and get me to my peak performance. Everyday in training I know I am working with the best to become the best.
— Ashlynn Harris

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