Chico State "YBMI" Fitness Test

Are You Fit Enough for a Top Team in the CCAA? 

The California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) is considered to be the toughest and most competitive NCAA Division II Conference in the country. By that measure, the Chico State women's soccer team is among the toughest of the tough. This program has seen a great deal of success over the years under Head Coach, Kim Sutton.

The Wildcats success at a glance: earned six CCAA North Division titles, six trips to the CCAA Championship Tournament (winning the program’s first-ever CCAA conference title in 2007) and five NCAA Championship Tournament appearances in the past 10 seasons.

At the beginning of each season, players at Chico are expected to complete all three fitness tests while passing two of them. The "YBMI" is one of these tests and it is designed to evaluate the fitness and recovery levels of players. 

This test isn’t about speed or pace as much as it is about recovery. We make the rest time short in between each exercise. That will tell us where their fitness levels are.
— Head Coach, Kim Sutton

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See if your fitness level compares to a Division II athlete with the YBMI Fitness Test. And what exactly does YBMI stand for?... You Better Make It!

This is the first of three fitness tests. You will run the YBMI on the first morning of preseason! The YBMI is to be run on a regulation size track.

Test order and breakdown:

  • Run 800 meters 
  • Rest
  • Run 400 meters 
  • Rest
  • Shuttle Sprint
  • Rest
  • Shuttle Sprint
  • Rest
  • Run 800
  • Rest
  • Run 400
  • Finished
*Shuttle Sprint – Sprint to 6yds and back, to 18yds and back, to 60yds and back. Under 0:35 

*Shuttle Sprint – Sprint to 6yds and back, to 18yds and back, to 60yds and back. Under 0:35 


800 meters = 2 laps, 400 meters = 1 lap
You will run/sprint each of the six distances in the required time or less, rest the listed time, then continue with the next distance until the final 400 is completed.

*Shuttle Sprint – Sprint to 6yds and back, to 18yds and back, to 60yds and back. Under 0:35 

*Banking Time – If you run any 800/400 distance faster than the required time you will “Bank” the remaining allowed time. ie – 800 in 3:05 (required time), you run it in 2:55, you “Bank” 0:10 seconds. This allows you to be 0:10 seconds over the required time somewhere else. You cannot bank time on the shuttle sprints.

A “Passing time” is equal to or less than the total of all the required times for each distance excluding the shuttle sprints. The shuttle sprint times are not included in the overall time, instead those are simply pass or fail. If you do not pass the shuttles then you do not pass the test.

A “Completion time” of the test is less than :30 over the total passing time.

Passing Time: 9:00 or Less
Completion Time: 9:30 or Less 

The YBMI is not a test that would be easy to pass without full preparation. Soccer athletes at Chico State train for this throughout the summer to be prepared when they arrive on day one of preseason.

You have to be prepared mentally just as much as you have be be ready physically to run this test. On the days I’m not running 800s and 400s to physically prepare, I’m mentally preparing. I visualize myself running it all summer long. So I kind of take my body through every step of the test without actually running it.
— Megan Tabler, Chico State Alumn


To learn more about the Chico State Women's Soccer program, visit their website

Try this test out for yourself to see if you can keep up with soccer at this level. Share your experience with us in the comments below!