Akers, Playing With Attitude by Soccer News Net

This is an excerpt from Sunshine Soccer News and DC Soccer News.

Michelle Akers built her reputation as the greatest-ever women's soccer player, by playing every game in a take-no-prisoners mode. Akers, who was named the FIFA Player of the Century, has never translated that playing attitude into a full-fledged soccer camp before, but this June, she'll be part of a group of soccer players/trainers offering an all-girls camp at her Powder Spring, Ga. horse farm and adjacent soccer field.

"I think what I am excited about, when I work with players, different athletes, my focus is in helping them understand how to train themselves," said Akers. "Which means, a lot of people talk about that and say it's important, but what happens is you give them all this stuff, you take them through the exercises and then they don’t know how to do it unless they have exactly what you have, or they are doing exactly what you do. "

Akers, who played in the days when women's soccer was not a full-time occupation, often had to train on her own, and had to battle a myriad of injuries and the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Despite that, she helped the U.S. win two Women's World Cups, in 1991 and 1999, and Olympic Gold in 1996. 

"As you train and progress as a player, so does your training, it changes and you progress or backtrack," said Akers, who has 10 World Cup goals to her credit. "What I like to do is teach them how to identify their weakness and strengths, how to set up their own training sessions, how to work on weaknesses in a couple of areas and show them progression as we train and go through things so they can kind of take it and apply to other parts of their game."

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