Why Yael Averbuch is the image of Amplified Soccer Athlete

Energy, Passion, Determination and Hard Work! These adjectives describe Yael Averbuch and are feelings evoked in the image that adorns the main page of our website and the cover of the first issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete magazine.

“I pursue my goals with every ounce of my being, but above all, I love the journey.” – Yael Averbuch

Athletes like Yael - achievers, strivers and in general those athletes that have the passion to work hard to become better and more complete - are the reason that we launched Amplified Soccer Athlete. We love the game and want to provide resources and a digital magazine for those athletes who want to put in that extra work and prepare physically and mentally for the journey. When we were connected with Yael, the image and her involvement became perfect fits and we are greatly appreciative of the ability to use that image and for her continued support.

She pushes herself by working all the time and with some of the best trainers in the country, including Beast Mode Soccer and Trainer Gorres.

That hard work and training has resulted in on the field success. Some highlights of Yael’s achievements.

·         2 – ACC Scholar-Athlete of the Year (2007 & 2008)

·         4 – Overall draft pick number by Sky Blue FC in 2009.

·         4 – Championships, two with University of North Carolina (2006 and 2008) and once each with Sky Blue FC (2009) and Western New York Flash (2011) in WPS.

·         14 – Yael’s age when she played in a W-League match, the youngest player at the time to do so.

·         17 – Her jersey number retired by University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer

·         26 – Total caps with the US Women’s National Team. Yael has played for the United States at every level of the youth national team and earned her first senior team cap in 2007.

·         105 – Number of consecutive games Yael started at North Carolina, an NCAA record.

·         4,230,972 – Number of views on YouTube of her goal that is the fastest goal scored in NCAA history

Yael is currently playing with FC Kansas City and the NWSL and has had a significant impact on the US Women’s Soccer National Team pool appearing in 10 games in 2013 and training with the team in 2014. At the same time she’s worked hard to develop a brand off the field through her brand, yfutbol, and website yaelaverbuch.com where she posts regular blog entries and training videos. She’s also blogged about her journey for New York Times and is regularly involved in her own camps and clinics and other camps mentoring and helping train the next generation of female soccer players. If her passion and dedication rub off on some of those players, the future of women’s soccer in the United States will be in good hands (or should I say feet).

A big dreamer, which has helped push her in her journey, she is still one of the hardest working female soccer players in the world and she shows no signs of slowing down. This is why we love Yael Averbuch and she is part of our brand image.

“But that’s the thing about dreams. I have deeply misunderstood them and their place in my life. Dreams can provide addictive feelings — a pounding heart, trembling hands, racing mind, and then, a still heart. But I have been guilty of letting dreams dictate how I feel about my life. What I am learning to do instead is to let my life lead me to my dreams.” – Yael Averbuch
Click here for the full "If You Can Dream" article in the NY Times. 

We encourage you to find out more about Yael at her website, yaelaverbuch.com, and to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Also, make sure and check out her piece in each issue of Amplified Soccer Athlete.