10 Things All Soccer Players Have in Common

As soccer players, we all have things in common that we can relate to. Our faves are #2 and #6. What are yours? For more soccer stuff, follow us on Twitter at @asmathlete and Instagram at @amplifiedsoccerathlete. Subscribe to Amplified Soccer Athlete Magazine

1. When the new season starts and you get new uniforms


2. When coach introduces a new corner kick play: 

3. When someone asks if you are free this weekend:

4. When your song comes on during warm-up: 

5. When the photographer on picture day says “Now Smile.”:

6. Waking up for morning weights: 

7. When coach announces that we’re having a fitness test this week:

8. This is how hungry I am post-game:

9. That feeling you get after scoring a goal:

10. When we have to carb load: