3 Exercises to Reduce Risk of Concussion

Learn how to train like the pros and prevent yourself from injury from the expert who works with these athletes on a daily basis. In the following video, Trainer Gorres covers three exercises to Reduce the Risk of Concussion.

Chris is a former high school and collegiate athlete who has always been passionate about fitness. As a personal trainer, he uses that passion to help clients achieve and exceed their individual goals. With a focus on proper technique and movement quality, he has been able to help athletes of all levels. He has experience training kids with special needs, youth athletes, high school athletes, post- surgery rehab clients and even professional athletes. In the 2012 off season, Chris joined the Washington Redskins as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He also spent time with Sporting Portugal and the US Women's National Soccer Team. He works regularly with players Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris and Yael Averbuch.

15 pages including pictures, descriptions, and workouts.