From the Magazine: Skills and Drills

The Art of Off-Season Training

Author: Yael Averbuch

Roughly 150 players from the nine National Women’s Soccer League teams themselves in the off-season. Some have headed overseas on loan deals to clubs in Europe, Japan or Australia, but the vast majority stay rooted to a home base for the six months between N.W.S.L. seasons.

The professional women’s soccer off-season can be a mysterious topic; except for the draft, which was held Friday, it is rarely talked about in the news media. Even the term is misleading; for those of us who aspire to be the best we can be, there is technically never an off-season. For me at least, the downtime between seasons is part of a continuous cycle of improvement. I think of the off-season as a blank canvas. I can recreate myself as a player, fine-tune areas of my game, sharpen my strengths and attack my weaknesses head-on.

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12 Essential Footwork Drills to Develop Technique

In the complete video of the moves, there are 12 essential drills that will get you used to using all the major parts of your feet: Inside, outside, laces, and sole. Not only do they get you comfortable using these parts of the feet, but they aim to get you able to 'manipulate' the ball as you want when it is at your feet. Think: pushing, pulling and rolling as opposed to just kicking. You should aim to make these drills an integral part of your individual technical development plan, as the ability to control the ball at your feet is a huge cog in the wheel toward becoming a 'complete' soccer player.

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