From the Magazine: Are You A Positive Contributor?

Every team and organization has a picture of success. And usually leaders will talk specifically to everyone about being “bought in” or “on board” with the goals of the team. If you are “on board”, that’s great! But are you being a positive contributor and helping the ship sail or are you just dead weight on the deck of the ship.

Here are 2 ways to keep yourself in check to make sure you are a positive contributor for your team everyday.

1. Constantly ask yourself questions that start with “what” and “how” instead of “why”.

Find out more about being a positive contributor to your team.


Donna Fishter

Donna has coached soccer for over 20 years at all levels, from youth to the college game. • 13 of those years she coached with Amanda Cromwell at the University of Central Florida and upon Amanda’s move in 2013 to UCLA, Donna helped her and the Bruins on their journey to winning the National Championship…only in a different capacity as their Leadership Coach and Team Architect. • Donna stepped out of x’s and o’s of the college game so that she could devote 100% of her time to consulting. Through intense focus on leadership and culture development she has helped coaches, teams, and athletes across the country build foundations and strategies to ACHIEVE GREATNESS. • Today Donna consults for NCAA collegiate teams in several sports, high school & youth levels, and professional & national team athletes. In the past 2 years Donna has had 5 NCAA teams in post-season in 2 different sports… 1 National Champion in Division 1 and 1 National Champion Runner-up in Division 2. • In 2011, Donna joined John Maxwell’s Coaching Team. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert who has sold over 21 million books and coaches Fortune 100 executives, government leaders, and organizations such as the U.S. Military, the NFL, and the United Nations. • Known affectionately in the coaching world as “Big D”, Donna is driven by her passion to INSPIRE GREATNESS---with every encounter…