Confident Passing & First Touch

Wall Passing Developmental Workouts

This program combines athletic balance, ball control and passing drills (from the SoccerFIT Skills Manual) into 2 wall passing workouts you can do almost anywhere. No need for a partner, just some open space and a wall to kick against. This is the first program from our passing series, focusing on confident first touch, quick repositioning, and combinations that will lead into attacking and finishing drills. This program is designed to be viewed from your phone or tablet, and each exercise is linked to video for quick reference during your workouts. Get the full program now


Ball-Body Coordination

Being able to control the ball at your feet requires balance, rhythm and great foot eye coordination. In the early stages of our program, you need to develop a strong foundation in these aspects before the drills get too complex. As you perform the drills in this section, think of them not as skill drills, but as coordination and stability drills. Focus on how you position your body around the ball. If you find yourself reaching, leaning back, getting stuck in awkward positions, etc. slow down a bit and work on staying in an athletic rhythm, positioned in such a way that you could accelerate out with the ball at any moment.

Progression 1: WARM UP

Before we get started we want to warm up the hips and get the body ready to move quickly to the ball. In the first progression, start off with toe taps with your feet landing behind the ball. Touch the ball on every rep and try to keep the ball as still as possible. Next, move on to lateral toe taps, with your feet landing to the side of the ball. Get as wide as possible without losing rhythm or athletic control as you find your sweet spot, or the position from which you feel the most explosive. Then move on to scissors around the ball. You can go over top of the ball, around the ball or behind the ball, as long as you are in a position to take an outside touch and accelerate out with quickness at any given moment. Next move on to the pull back repeats with a forward touch. Use the pull backs to prepare your body for a quick forward touch, and keep the ball close to you at all times. If you have a partner, you can finish this progression with a shielding exercise (partner pushing on your shoulders as you lean into them and hold your ground).
Perform each exercise for 1-2 sets of 30 seconds:

  • Forward Toe Taps
  • Lateral Toe Taps
  • Scissors
  • Pullback Repeats with a Forward Touch
  • Partner Push – Shielding

Get the full program now

This program is best viewed online, but can also be accessed via iBooks or downloaded as a pdf.

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