In-Season Strength Program

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By Chris "Trainer" Gorres (

The number one goal of any in-season strength program is to keep players healthy and on the field. This is a unique challenge for many college soccer players and coaches. This year, the defending champions from Florida State will play 16 regular season games in the course of just over 2 months. Just like any other team, they will play in multiple games on any given weekend, with matches on Thursday and Sunday. With a packed practice and game schedule, it’s difficult to find time for strength training and rightfully so. Coaches and players are evaluated by their performances on the field and not the weight room. It’s very easy to focus on tactical practices and technical sessions instead of investing time on movements without the ball. However, finding just 90 minutes during the week, broken down into 2, 45 minute sessions can go a long way in maintaining strength thru the season and keeping players healthy for a November push. After all, the best “ability”, is avail“ABILITY”.

Start each session with foam rolling and some active stretching.  These corrective techniques will help you move and feel better, especially after a weekend of tough matches.

Foam Rolling

Active Stretching

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

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