Soccer Speed Insta-Kit


Soccer Speed Insta-Kit


This kit focuses on all the basic elements of soccer speed to help you design your program.

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Get 10 of the best and most popular training articles presented so that you can start your program now! This kit focuses on decision making, reaction and with and without the ball speeds. It is designed to help you establish a speed program. Includes an index of each article and how you can use it to establish your program. 

  • Article #1: Seven Speeds of Soccer-A German Perspective 
  • Article #2: Developing Decision Making Speed in Soccer 
  • Article #3: What You Should Know First-teaching good running mechanics 
  • Article #4: Soccer Acceleration: Gaining 1st Gear 
  • Article #5: Re-Inventing the Wheel-directions change 
  • Article #6: Performance-Quick Stops 
  • Article #7 Three Step Progression from Without the Ball to With Ball Training 
  • Article #8: Ball Touch Speed Development 
  • Article #9: Ball Touch Speed Development - PART 2 Stride Length and Frequency 
  • Article #10: Integration of Speed Development in Soccer Practice

This kit is part of the Special Soccer Speed Development Insta-Kit Package. Get 6 Soccer Speed Development Insta-Kits each containing 10 articles for a total of 60 articles ($71.70 value).