Soccer Speed without the Ball Insta-Kit


Soccer Speed without the Ball Insta-Kit


Studies of national and international levels of soccer play indicate that no player will be in possession of the soccer ball more than two percent of the time. This kit focuses on speed development the other 98 percent of the time to get the player in position to apply with ball speed and technical skills to take possession and score goals. Many soccer players possess poor running mechanics which reduces maximum speed potential. This kit starts the player off right from the beginning. 

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Multiple Authors • 10 articles • You will receive access to the articles within 24 hours of purchase.

Get 10 of the best and most popular training articles from Performance Conditioning Soccer from more than 15 years of publishing training content presented so you can start your program now! This kit focuses on without ball speed development. Includes an index of articles and how you can use it to establish your program plus a bonus exploring the fallacy of over speed training 

  • Article #1: Correct Posture, Position and 1st Step Movement for Effective Soccer Play Good posture and mechanics are the first step to without ball speed.
  • Article #2: Soccer Acceleration Correct posture position and 1st step are now applied to these soccer without the ball acceleration exercises. 
  • Article #3: Straight-Ahead Speed To be fast, one must train the body to work efficiently. It is important to understand the proper biomechanics of running straight-ahead. 
  • Article #4: Straight Ahead Speed--Why Can't Johnny and Jane Run? This article takes speed development onto the soccer field. 
  • Article #5: Technique Based Speed Training for Soccer-The Three Principle and Practical Training Considerations 
  • Article #6: The Four Steps of Soccer Speed Progression This article provides a four step progression transitioning to the soccer ball. 
  • Article #7: Teaching Running Efficiency—The Rhythmic Stride Pattern Approach This article provides running speed doing soccer-specific movements. 
  • Article #8: Pattern and Balance Training Exercises This article provides running speed doing soccer-specific movements. 
  • Article #9: Improving Hip Mobility Hip mobility is essential to good running mechanics, there a program. 
  • Article #10 Mini-Speed Program to Develop Explosive First Step Speed There’s a program to get started. 
  • Bonus article: Exploring the Myths of Conditioning-The fallacy of over speed training - Here’s information to consider before doing over-speed training.

This kit is part of the Special Soccer Endurance Development Insta-Kit Package. Get 7 Soccer Endurance Development Insta-Kits each containing 10 articles for a total of 70 articles ($83.65 value).