Soccer Lateral Speed/Agility Insta-Kit


Soccer Lateral Speed/Agility Insta-Kit


Learn the ability to change direction with minimum loss of speed as part of a comprehensive soccer specific speed development program.

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Multiple Authors • 10 articles

Get 10 of the best and most popular training articles presented so that you can start your program now! This kit focuses on developing lateral speed/agility. Includes an index of each article and how you can use it to establish your program. What is Lateral Speed/Agility? - It’s the ability to change direction with minimum loss of speed and is part of a comprehensive soccer-specific speed development program. 

The 3 Skills of Lateral Speed/Agility:

  1. Ball Possession Skills-better ball control, faster the change in direction. 
  2. Reaction/Anticipation Skills-the faster the player anticipates and decides where to go the faster the change in direction. 
  3. Athletic Skills- the quicker the player can decelerate, control the body and re-accelerate the faster the direction change. This kit effectively combines these three skills to develop a program to make your soccer players better. Get started today! 
  • Article #1: Agility Test 
  • Article #2: Preseason and In-season Strength to Speed Mini Program 
  • Article #3: Functional Off-Season Strength/Power Training Exercises for Soccer 
  • Article #4: Improving Agility, Balance and Coordination through Ladder Training 
  • Article #5: Developing Decision Making Speed in Soccer 
  • Article #6: Developing Soccer-Specific Speed- Changing Direction Without the Ball 
  • Article #7 Youth Conditioning- Integrating Speed, Agility, Strength and Fitness Training into Practice 
  • Article #8: Soccer-Specific Speed Change of Pace 
  • Article #9: Position Specific Pattern Running Progression-Without the Ball, Dead Ball and With the Ball 
  • Article #10: Soccer Speed Development System Based on the Movements of the Game

This kit is part of the Special Soccer Speed Development Insta-Kit Package. Get 6 Soccer Speed Development Insta-Kits each containing 10 articles for a total of 60 articles ($71.70 value).