Soccer Non-Nutritional Recovery Insta-Kit


Soccer Non-Nutritional Recovery Insta-Kit


This kit focuses on methods of recovery beyond sound nutritional recovery practices. It contains three bonus articles on massage and how to do it.

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Multiple Authors • 10 articles

  • Article #1: Overreaching vs. Overtraining Understanding the Difference
  • Article #2: Fighting Fatigue: Understanding and Managing Soccer Fatigue 
  • Article #3: Fighting Fatigue – Introducing Rate of Perceived Exertion as a Field Based Training Tool for Soccer 
  • Article #4: Proper Recovery-Ways to Avoid Fatigue and Overtraining
  • Article #5: Monitoring Recovery - A Simple Tool for Coaches/Parents
  • Article #6: Sleep - The Forgotten Recovery Method
  • Article #7: Creating Good Sleep/Recovery Habits on the Road
  • Article #8 Applying Restoration and Regeneration Principles to Soccer Tournament Play
  • Article #9: PSATS Present: “Regen Day” and Other Methods of Recovery/Regeneration During a MLS Week
  • Article #10: Overview of Massage Therapy for Coaches I-III

This kit is part of the Special Soccer Recovery/Programming/Testing Insta-Kit Package. Get 6 Soccer Recovery/Programming/Testing Development Insta-Kits each containing 10 articles for a total of 60 articles ($71.70 value).