Amplified Soccer Training Issue 12


Amplified Soccer Training Issue 12

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Issue 12 of Amplified Soccer Training magazine includes top training tips and resources to help you take your game to the next level. From soccer training drills and exercises, to soccer-specific nutrition guides, fitness activities and mental game performance, readers will enjoy a well-rounded soccer experience.

Content contributions come from some of the top professional training, nutrition, mental game and fitness leaders in the industry. Now Available as an Instantly Downloadable Media Rich PDF. Get it Today!

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Full Table of Contents

  1. 3 Elements Vital to Technical Improvement by Yael Averbuch, Midfielder for F.C. Kansas City
  2. Knowing the Score by Global Sports Psychologist, Dan Abrahams
  3. Get Faster Over Shorter Distances by John De Witt, Head Sports Performance Coach,Houston Dynamo Academy & Houston Dash
  4. Dynamic Footwork Workout - 4Cone Drill from Cruz Coaching
  5. A Simplified Approach to Conditioning by Chris “Trainer” Gorres
  6. How to Gain Muscle Mass by Matt Sheldon CEO/Founder of Become Elite
  7. Improving Agility, Balance and Coordination through Ladder Training by Steve Myrland from Performance Conditioning Soccer
  8. The Best Soccer Players Diet by Casey Ames, Head Trainer at Optimal Soccer


  1. Six Ways Playing Angry Birds Space Has Made Me a Better Coach by David Mitchell of Lane Gainer Sports
  2. The Power of Improvisation by Ian McClurg, Founder of 1 v 1 Soccer and UEFA “A” licensed coach
  3. Silence as a Teaching Tool by Coach Reed
  4. Alternative Match Warm Up from Ritchie Semple, Director of Football for LGC Events
  5. Passing and Finishing Development Game from Wayne Harrison founder of Soccer Awareness