Best of Soccer Awareness

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Best of Soccer Awareness 1 (Cover).jpg
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Best of Soccer Awareness

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This 80 page eBook contains 24 of the best sessions from UEFA Professional “A" License Coach Wayne Harrison's Soccer Awareness method.

To develop the Soccer Awareness concept its important to take the process from structured training sessions into free flowing game situational set ups so the players are developing their thinking skills under pressure.  We offer various game situational small sided situations here to test this.  We hope you enjoy this eBook.

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Wayne Harrison is a former professional player and has been a highly qualified professional coach for many years. He has held the position of Academy Director at Blackpool Professional Football Club in England and at Al Ain Professional Fooatball Club in the UAE. See Full Bio

Table of Contents

  1. Objective: Improving Basic Dribbling and Awareness with Lots of Touches in Possession of the Ball
  2. Awareness Concept Introduction on the Ball with Few Touches; Using a One and Two Touch Maximum (Example)
  3. A Game Situation Within the Theme
  4. Objective: Encouraging Dribbling and Turning Through Quick Transition Play
  5. Objective: A Fun Awareness Warm-up for Improving Peripheral Vision
  6. Objective: Testing Players Awareness
  7. Objective: Teaching Awareness in Three’s or Four’s Developing Movements Off the Ball to Receive
  8. Objective: Developing Competitive 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3 Attacking Play & Peripheral Vision
  9. Objective: Development of Awareness and of Movement “Off” the Ball
  10. Specific Peripheral Vision Coaching Session
  11. Receiving, Turning and Angled Passing Developing Awareness On and Off The Ball
  12. Objective: Switching Play as a Team
  13. Objective: Improving One and Two Touch Play Using the Awareness Three Team Game Focusing on Quick Thinking, Quick and Early Foot Positioning; Support and Finishing
  14. Objective: Pressurizing Game Working on Attacking Transitions
  15. Objective: Developing the Players Ability to Switch the Play, Be Aware of Teammates and Opponents Positioning; Before Receiving; and Then Changing the Point of Attack
  16. Using a Non–Competitive Numbers “Game” With Teams Passing in Sequence to Improve Awareness On and Off the Ball (Part One)
  17. Objective: A Transition Clinic Developing the Player’s Ability to Recognize the Immediate Changes from Defense to Attack and Attack to Defence and To Act on It Quickly
  18. Changing the Point of Attack Through the Directional Four Goal Switching Play Game
  19. Objective: Quick Transition Directional Play Target Game Developing Movement Off the Ball
  20. Objective: Teaching Movement “Off the Ball” Through the Transition Directional Target Game
  21. Directional Awareness Training (Part One)
  22. Directional Awareness Training Game Situation (Part Two)
  23. Objective: Development of a Finishing Game Using Two Goals Increasing the Amount of Decisions Able to Be Made
  24. The Three-Team Awareness One Touch Game